real date: 03 December, 2010

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Lately I started to finish the old ideas. I drew concept for this illustration like a year ago. Two or three days of work and here it is :)

Little offtopic - Nasa scientists have discovered life form that is completely different than anything on Earth. It has totally diferent DNA / RNA. The definition of what we call life has changed today! Normally, everything is built on a set of elements - carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, sulfur, phosphorus. This life form is “running” by arsenic, which is toxic to the most of terrestrial organisms.
This was short story from Kalais, here you can read an official message from NASA.

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Silesia - 29-12-2010, 06:53
Ta praca wzbudziła we mnie silne emocje. Napawa obrzydzeniem, przerażeniem, niepokojem ale jednocześnie widzę narodziny? Wnioskując z tytułu i smug płynu na ziemi oraz podobieństwa macek obu postaci odnoszę wrażenie, że jest tu coś więcej...
Świetna praca, i widać duże postępy czynisz, gratuluję :)

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