Links to other sites. If you would like to see here link to your website - let me know.
Links related to Kalais:
- kalais studios - you need a website, print, graphic design, visualization, animation? This is the right place ^_^
- metaphorical motions - my art project, a series of short animations
- how vader lost his hand - my first 3d animation, star wars parody
- kalais at facebook - become a fan at facebook
- kalais at twitter - follow kalais on Twitter
- kalais at myspace - kalais myspace profile
- kalais at deviantart - international online gallery, sometimes I upload there my illustrations
- kalais at youtube - various stuff to watch on youtube
- kalais at - polish online gallery, sometimes I upload there my illustrations
Other links:
- the zoomquilt - great surreal "collaborative art project"
- samorost 2 - great kinda surreal flash game
- island of art - island dominated by artists of all kinds of muses, I've got a workshop there :)
- wacom - the world's top tablet producer
Blog links:
- - a blog about music house run by my friend - snoozie
- blogcatalog - blog directory
- for fun - bike blog - best Polish mtb blog

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