real date: 28 April, 2009

tags: kalais, blog, illustration, tablet, painting, doors, decisions, artrage, paints, oil

Life is a continuous choices. Choose, decide, decree. Do this, or maybe this, or maybe this. Constantly we stand in front of the doors of decision. We do not know exactly what is on the other side of the doors, what will happen when we choose one of the paths. Some choices can lead to the same, but do not have to. The farther, the more branches and potential choices. And the consequences of our actions will be after us, like a tail, forever.

I painted this long time ago. I have few different visions of the idea, so you see next to the title "version 1". This time I tested the free version of ArtRage 2, which simulates painting with oil paints. You can mix the paint directly on a virtual canvas. It is interesting and fun. The lack of known from Photoshop layers makes you feel even better the pros and cons of oils.

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