real date: 19 January, 2010

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Illustration to "Mouse in the wall" - Ted Cole's tale, the hero of John Irving's novel "A Widow for One Year". It took me about four days to paint it. Here are some excerpts from novel - my freestyle translation ;)

(...) Tom woke up his father and asked:
- Did you hear that sound?
- What sound? - interested father asked.
- It seems to me that this is a monster who has neither arms nor legs, but tries to move - said Tom.
- And what sound exactly wake you up? - asked the father.
- It was like one of the mom's dresses have come alive in the closet and tried to slip the hanger - answered Tom.
- It's only a mouse scratching the wall - said his father. Tim screamed piercingly. He did not know what it is the mouse, and terrified at the thought of something that is covered with a thick, wet fur, without legs, arms and crawls into the wall. And besides, how could something be there?

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