real date: 13 September, 2009

tags: kalais, blog, illustration, tablet, painting, precipice, edge, solution

We walking always straight ahead, looking only at what is in front. We don't look around, we don't take into consideration other ways. And when our journey ends unexpectedly, we find ourselves at the edge of precipice, everything seems hopeless. Just sometimes you need stop for a moment, look around, maybe somewhere there is a solution, the path you missed.

Illustration painted with tablet, few days of work, few hours each day. I begun this work a few months ago I think. The original is several times larger, so a lot of detail missing here.

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ktos - 24-09-2009, 19:38
wow swietny klimat

alan - 27-09-2009, 00:37
wrrrr, swietna postac

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