real date: 3 January, 2012

tags: kalais, blog, illustration, pen, tablet, painting, facebook, pork chops

Sometimes when I look at people's Facebook wall I'm kinda shocked. I once even painted illustration, which was inspired by a friend's post. Something about the pork chop in the restaurant... I imagine the situation looked like this:
- Ah, this pork chop in restaurant is fucking awesome! I gonna make photo with my iPhone and upload it to Facebook. I rock! Everybody will know I am eating at fancy restaurant and my wife is so boring that I need to play with my smart phone.
- Oh honey, you're doing photo of the pork chop? Awesome! Upload it to FB! And I gonna make photo number 38 298 493 of our beloved baby child. It has no pictures in the restaurant yet!

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Noktis - 12-01-2012, 08:55
No ba. :D

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