real date: 22 January, 2009

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This post is really hard to translate to english, but lets give it a try. I started paint this illustration long time ago, around All Saints day (same day what Halloween, but in Poland it is sad day, we visit dead people graves etc. but as pop-culture, Halloween comes to our country...)

Halloween is such a trashy holiday for me. And church is also so, hmmm, strange institution. Those both things together somehow associated in my mind in the way how they attract people to come to them. The poorest in all of this are mohair old people (in Poland lot of old granmas wearing caps made of mohair) which does not quite know what's going on, but still come to church. I do not think I need to explain the symbolism of culture and pop culture I used in this illustration. Pumpkin – Halloween, cup - an expression of piety, pitchfork - Satan, evil, etc. At the bottom are mohairs, which I am not really happy with in terms of design, but I hope that you can see what is it :D

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Patogen - 01-05-2009, 17:09
Ten ksiądz to strzał w samo sedno :D

koko - 18-10-2009, 20:01
dobre rysuje to jako obrazek halloweenowy

Kasha79 - 25-12-2011, 21:20
Ciekawe porownanie...

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